The Change Of Leadership

While it is true that TheGuy, Orlando, and myself still hold "Ownership" of the UORP project, the Leadership of the project is no longer in our hands. We have currently placed DoubleA in charge of the project so that the three of us, along with another, can work on another game.

This means that while yes I will be staying in the channel, the End all be all will be left to DoubleA.

There are still MANY bugs in our systems as we’ve designed large amounts of content on the UORP project and now DoubleA has to play catch up. I’m sorry if anyone feels he is not moving fast enough for your wants but remember he is one person. He has his own staff members to work with him, and they will be doing a lot of things to improve the game play.

If you find a bug do not post it in the IRC. It will be forgotten about and never be delt with if that’s the only place we have to find out about it. We do however have a Bug section on the forums that should be used for this.

If you rely on PM, IRC, ext, and not the forums then you only have yourself to blame when we don’t realize we missed the bug you told us about, this section exists for this reason.

If you feel at any time that you wish to leave the server, please do. I’m not inviting you to leave just because… but we do not fight to keep our players here. Threats to leave will do nothing to us as our stance has always been that we build this server for fun, and not the player count. We do feel however by promoting fun on the server will increase the player count, it has never been a true goal.

I think I speak for DoubleA and his team when I say:
Please give this team time to work and sort everything out. They do not know every detail yet but they will get there. Already they have made improvements and will continue to do so as they hold the reigns, just let them do what they are trying to do and I’m sure that you will have fun on UORP too.

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