The Bond of Obsession


The Bond of Obsession

It was made of the darkest of marbles. On the exact center of it, were standing straight three perfectly black candles. The tallest of them was constantly holding its flame without ever burning down. Beside them three, on the right side, two white bones were forming an "X" shape. It is just on the other side, left, that was carefully folded a shroud of shadows, as empty as the Lady tending to it. This precious altar was decorating a corner of my room since a little while, already. No Family member had ever dared to ask me a single question about it. Perhaps they knew they wouldn’t hear any answers leave my lips. I would have replied; "I am fine". Nothing more, nothing less. It is not today, the day where I will open myself to anyone, not even Family. Betrayal and conspiracy are walking around myself from the very moment I open my eyes, every eve. I know it.

– I have asked him to lie to me. Lying to make me believe there could still be traces of you somewhere. He refused, of course. He said that it was all in my mind. I am not insane, am I, my Dark Lord? I have those memories of the seven curses and of the ultimate sacrifice you have done. Despite how lonely I am, I am not as desperate to invent someone that never existed… Are you there? Please speak to me…

– …

It was not working every time. Sometimes, I would have to accept this silence as only answer. I swear that on other days, it is very different! He is there, looking after me, for my safety, like he always had to. He used to have such great plans for me. He used to be the most powerful and feared entity that existed. He used to take care of me so well, remaining unmatched at every level. How can others not suffer from such constant comparison? How can you look worthy compared to supreme perfection? Oh nobody can, nobody. Only He is He; a parasite, a haunting spirit, a corrupted soul, the only one I could ever truly care for. Nothing is completely evil nor can it be completely good. Am I the only one believing difference is the key?


Sometimes it happens, I have fabulous ideas and furthermore, I have the means to achieve them. It would be a lot of work and efforts wrapped in some cloth made of many lies tied together, but it had to be done. Iraestra asked me to describe Him. There it was, that proof that I couldn’t possibly be so creative… I am -not- insane.

– The first things I remember are his cold grey eyes that seemed to be made out of pure arrogance. His lips were thin and some believed he never smiled. On some rare occasions, he did, but I believe to be the only witness of such moments. He had so pale and delicate skin… so white that he seemed to be ill under certain lighting. Darkness would suit him so much better… And messy raven black hair… and…

I lost track of time, again, abandoning myself to the description, detailing his every trait and manners to the attentive drow. She was the artist and I was ready to criticize the Masterpiece.

– Prove to me that you are worthy. Prove to me that you are better than Miluda and you will be greatly rewarded.

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