The arcana academy opens its doors again

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

the Arcane Academy has been reopened again, there are still spots open for the teachers, but we are looking for students most of all.

The academy welcomes all, no distinction between race, gender or magical inclination, as long as you are a practicioner of the arts and know or are willing to learn how to handle a broom (and not for flying).
The academy is gathering all to defend narrowhaven and the surrounding lands from seen and unseen forces, gather knowledge of scriptures, languages and spells and to teach any and all the responsible use of magic from any and all magic school.

coming sunday at around 3 PM (server time) we will hold a staffmeeting to discuss the future of the academy and its immidiate goals.

current roster:
Phaere Do Ordas, arch magister
Samsare Ashtong, Master of novices
Arkanum, head librarian
Mauzen Zhau’nil, Master linguist

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