The adventures of Jade the sorceress

Many moons had gone by since Jade had arrived in town. She spent most of her early days with The Guiding Light guild, learning about magic from Garrett Greencorn and teaching herself the ways of the spells. Then she had met Merrick, the King of Mythndale, and fallen in love with him. She had moved to Mythndale and now resided with him in the Keep. Then through further interactions with Engale, Mauzen, and Quinn she learned about the shards and fractures.

Jade sat in her study, penning in her book. She was recording her observations about the shards and fractures. She wrote down her observations about each area and the strange shapes they made. Were they all connected? What did they all mean? And what did the crystals have to do with it? Could the crystals stop the being from entering their world from the other side? She made a note about all of her hypothesis’s in her book before setting down her quill. She blew on the ink and let it dry for a few minutes before closing her book and tucking it away in her satchel.

She then stood and left the study, locking the door behind her. She headed out to the location of the fractures to explore further, and see what clues she could find.

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