The Adventures of Darnell Swiftarrow!

There comes a time in every adventures life when he has to sit back and take stock of what he has accomplished. One often wonders what life could have been like. Or for that matter what life may have been like had he walked down another road. True, the company he found himself in was tested and true. A person in his line of work could scarcely ask for finer companions. But still, in times like these he did wonder what life might have been like had he settled down. Maybe wed that fine looking red head Melinda from Loneridge. Sired a group of fine looking young ones. Darnell Swiftarrow’s thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the loud and voicestress dwarf has he sat down across form him and slammed his rather full drinking mug down apron the table.

Darnell watched as golden ale violently sloshed over the brim of the mug. The Dwarf Oren looked to be in good spirits, maybe even a little too good Darnell thought! “Darnell, what in the blazes are ye doing over here! Come join us laddie!” Boomed the dwarf as he raised his mug and drank deeply of the golden liquid. “Ye have been sitting over here for far to long pining over that red head of yours! It ain’t right to sit here as ye do do after a day as we have had! Let her go lad! Its what’s best!”

“Now Oren, for one I am just as old as you are! There will be none of this lad this and lad that talk! I know how you get on days as these. After you’ve hefted that mighty axe of yours and cleaved orc skulls! It goes strait to your head!” Darnell Swiftarrow laughed merely as he spoke, “Don’t be letting it get to that think skull of yours! I won’t be having any of this ‘lad’ business as you down your ale and become all introspective on me!”

The Dwarf put on what must have been intended as a feigned hurt look yet come off as something shy of comical. It was all Darnell could do to hold in his laughter as just the site of the dwarfs crinkled up bearded face was enough to bring even a sour orc to tears of laughter. All of this did little to help the dwarfs mood or his disposition.

To be continued …. Probably.. hahah

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