Terian Lepos

I am known as Terian Lepos second son of Sovar Lepos leader of the Bregan D’aerthe a Mercenary Band of Rogue Drow who kill
for gold and riches.
Lets start at the beginning ,my father in his wisdom sent me at a very young age the The Academy to learn the art of murder ,mayhem and torture, which alas I failed at miserable to the disgust of my father and being the generous person he is he disowned me and told me never to return until I learned the ways of the true drow, what they maybe only the gods would know.
but it wasn’t only that there was the time with that slave girl,not only did I not understand why or what was the purpose of killing some being for no good reason,but I also did not understand why it was such a disgrace to fall in love with a slave girl ?she was pretty and willing,its not if I forced her,maybe my father would have respected me more if i had.and why put a price on my head
So I had no recourse but to flee in fear of my life,and I arrived here,a strange land with many humans,most look upon the Drow with a certain mistrust,but were use to that feared by humans,hated by elves and dwarf’s who knows what goes on in there minds.
But I must admit I did meet one strage human female dressed in the style of a lady of breading but chopping trees down in a place called Yew,she was neither friendly nor hostile I note a curtain indiferance,maybe to busy cutting logs in her fancy clothes,I wonder why she hasnt a slave or two to do those chores,I wonder if all the humans in this world are rather strange like this one,we will soon find out

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