Terian Lepos Report

Terian sits at the desk looking atb the scroll not sure what to say he starts it of well then throws it away,ending up with a pile of paper at his feet,he takes a deep breath and starts again

To the Jabbress of the Velve

Its been sometime since my last report,and we are observing the subject still but things have changed somewhat,it seems
he has left the company of the female human and has wandered of on his own.but something stranger has happened when,
I entered his cabin,I saw a box containing a strange egg,now this egg has disapeared I have tried to trace this egg but onelooking
about iI have a strange feeling a dark stranger and the female in the castle have taken seems they have made no moves
to tell others about this egg,not sure if its through greed or stupidity.
It seems this egg was stolen from some demon king of sorts,and he and his orcs are coming the land looking for it,the thing that
amuses me is they dispise us drow and claim we are self centered and greedy with no respect,yet these elve and humans hide this
egg in secret not telling there fellow humans and elves,they hunt dragons with no reason it is a strange land
Please mistress when these demons and orc ravage this land looking for this egg,please dont order us to protect tthese humans
they have no pride or honor

Your Loyal Servant
Terian Lepos
Brother Sargthin of The Bregn D’aerthe

He reads the letters and smiles and thinks ‘"That should keep them of my back"

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