He drew another deep breath in through his mouth, letting the scent play across his tongue one more time even after she had gone.. the subtle taste that lingered, even moreso in the closed space of the library then it had been in the hall the day they had first crossed paths.

Such a dilemma.. so exposed, so much to risk, and potentially lose.. What to do.. what to do.

He’d not felt such temptation in a great many years now, the temptation to do more then simply satiate his need and toss aside an empty shell..

So perceptive.. just as the first day, even now.. even with all his charm, his looks, everything about him that naturally was meant to draw her in.. disarm her, make him seem pleasant, charming, engaging.. Even with all that still she stepped back.. Still she instinctively kept her distance. She was afraid of him.. that in and of itself spoke volumes.

Caution.. caution.. even so, even as he felt the familiar if long absent draw, he knew this was not a time to proceed foolishly. He had none of the protections he had in the old lands, no family, no friends.. None of the insurance of a crypt well hidden should something unforeseen happen.. No anything done now must have some strategic value..

As if playing a game of chest, each move had to be carefully calculated.. planned, and it -must- drive his goals.

Still, he had been too long absent a companion.. and such was a comfort even if nothing else was.. After all, what could the harm be of indulging his desires..

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