Taur’hin, The Wood Elves of Bri’anya

][ This is just some background we have developed concerning the characters we have made. If anyone would like to join us in RPing characters of this background you would be more than welcome! While we are focused primarily upon the wood elves, there are a myriad of other races that exist within this world. Just send me (DoubleA) a PM in game, in IRC or here for more information! I’ll be adding more to this after a little while.][

Taur’hin, The Wood Elves of Bri’anya

Bri’anya is one of the countless shards of the Gem of Immortality. It is a warped copy of Britannia, only vaguely similar geographically to the main Britannian facet and with an entirely different history. Within this shard elven kind has risen to become the predominant race with Firya (humans) less common and underdeveloped. Several sub-species of elves reside within the shard. The mainland and largest population being a type of high elf, with beautiful stoned cities of granite and powerful magics. The Wood Elves reside in there home world within what in Britannia is know as the Lost Lands and to them as Nal’onde, living in small scattered towns, often elevated from the ground.

The Valar
The Valar are the main deities worshiped by the majority of the elves of Bri’anya. Their names are An’aure, Isilme, and Dartara and each of them are represented by a celestial body, the sun, the moon and the planet we reside upon; respectively. A myriad of lesser deities are also worshiped to an extent; from ones that represent each element and a planet, to more earthly spirits such as the wisps. Overall though, it is from the three Valar that the elves of Bri’anya believe the world even before the Gem of Immortality was created.

Represented by the sun, he is the father of the Elven race and all others, and the god of both Order and Chaos. His powers are the life blood of the world, but by nature he must contain and control all that he claims.

Represented by the moon, she is the mother of the Elven race, and the goddess of life and death. The first lover of An’aure, she scorned his attempts to confine her and now forever dances away from his grasp.

Represented by the earth, she is the mother of all the other races and creatures of the world, and the goddess of the elements. Bound to An’aure, she is nurtured by his light and their offspring is the vibrant world around us.

The Maiar
Represented by the stars, these are the spirits of Elves who have passed on and have rejoin\
ed the Valar in their cosmic dance. Much like their mother Isilme, they shy away from An’aure’s control. Legend has it that at times, the Maiar return in the form of wisps or great-winged elves to guide heroes of the race.

Political Structure
The Taur’hin exist as communal clans each lead by the eldest male and female, alongside the shaman of the tribe. The clan are united and lead by three councils, each representing a deity. An’aure’s Council is made up of the male clan head. Dartara’s Council, the female of each. Isilme’s, the tribe shaman.

Physical Characteristics
Wood elves are on average slightly shorter than high elves and taller than humans, but can vary greatly in height. They tend to grow their hair long and while their hair can come in a variety of colors, unique among their people and quite common is silver like moonlight. Their ears are pointed and very sensitive, both to sound and to touch, and to a small extend can twitch, quiver and flick if they’re alert or depending on their emotions.

Elves from Bri’anya speak a language very similar to the common tongue within Fracture. While there are some differences, it appears that early in their development the firyan tongue was adopted, and high elven became a language of ceremony and magic.

All of the magics of Britannia are familiar to the Bri’anyans although their beliefs surrounding each differ from the human’s of Fracture. Spells are classified by element and use rather than circle, and while the elves are able to make use of the spell books of Fracture they are not the same as the ones that were used in Bri’anya.

Spellweaving, Mysticism and Magery all contain a variety of spells that would be categorized a myriad of ways by the wood elves, but most of which are considered elemental magics of the Dartara.

Bushido is known to them as Blade Dancing, and its practitioners are held in high esteem. It is considered a magic of the elven spirit, and therefor of Isilme, their patron goddess of dance.

Ninjitsu is another highly respected magic of Isilme although considered more primal. Called Shadow Dancing and skin changing, it is practiced most often by the clans of the deep jungles.

Chivalry is considered the magic of An’aure’s Order and while its practice is relatively rare among the wood elves it is not unheard of.

Necromancy as in the raising of the dead is expressively forbidden, heresy among the Taur’hin as showing contempt to Isilme. However, not all of the spells that are held within the Necromancer’s tomes of Fracture are what the Taur’hin would consider evil in this way. Animate Dead, Lich Form, and Vengeful Spirit are spells of Fracture that would be forbidden. Other spells are most likely considered spells of Isilme.

Demonology while not forbidden is frowned upon. Summon Demon and Horrific Beast spells would not lead to banishment but definitely raised brows and a stern conversation.

Philosophy / Alignment
The Taur’hin are a neutral race which value a balance between order and chaos, although with a slight lean towards good. Of course as in any race there is a range of variance, but an evil wood elf is nearly unheard of.

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