Tasks for a Squire: Gyle Moore

*Sir Kenway sits at the large table in Stone Keep. A new book, well crafted and leather bound, rests before him on the table opened to the first blank page. He stares at the page for several long moments before reaching for a quill, dipping it into the ink, he begins to write*

Greetings Squire Moore,

Within the pages of this tome we shall keep track of the progress you make as my squire. The book, thanks to Krist Lionhearts generosity, may be found within Stone Keep at all times. In this tome I will set forth some tasks for you to perform that will go above and beyond your regular squiring duties. The tasks are not to be taken lightly as they will help me judge your readiness for knighthood. Some tasks you may undertake on your own but many will require the aid of either myself or one of the companions of Stone Keep. A few may only be undertaken under my watch.

Give me a report upon each task you complete, even the ones I assist you with, and if you can draw more then just stick figures feel free to include a sketch or two.

Good Luck Squire, below are your tasks.

-Regards, Sir Kenway


(1) The lands and roads around Stone Keep are thick with threats to travelers. Squire take at least one other person and do a patrol around Stone Keep. Eliminate 20 threats ( anything from a dire wolves to dragons may be considered a threat.)

(2) Squire the orcs are not the only threat in the lands around Cove. Take at least one other person on a patrol of Cove’s cemetery. Put any restless souls you find to rest (clear the cemetery).

(3) Squire, having grown up in Trinsic I assume you have heard of the Hidden Valley? Take at least one other person on a patrol to the Hidden Valley west of Trinsic’s main gate. Explore the valley to see if it would make a good staging area for any missions into Trinsic. (Kill at least 2 daemons.)


(1) Squire Moore, not only have you stated a desire to be a Knight but you strive to become a Paladin. With that in mind I wish for you to learn the Mantras for all eight Virtues (Must be rp’d in-game)

(2) After learning the Mantras pay a visit to the Hall of Virtues in Britain, once there mediate for a time on each of the Virtues.

(3) With the size of our realm it can be difficult to keep up with current events. I would like you to try and find a reliable source to get an update on how things stand with one of the following locations, Cove, Trinsic or Serpent’s Hold. Give me a detailed report on what you learn.

I have also heard a rumor that some people have the news delivered to their doorstep, consider it a bonus to the above task if you can become one of these people.


(1) Squire pick a skill that you have not yet become a Grandmaster of. Then have myself or a companion of Stone Keep help you train the skill up to Grandmaster.

(2) Squire gather some experience by taking on local quests. (Earn 35 quest points. You may do this by ANY of the following: hunting quests, voting, or obtaining role play rewards. Current points you have will not count, pretend you are starting at zero.)

(3) How handy are you at healing Squire? Have you yet learned the Paladin spells that allow one to cure poisons or heal wounds? Can you maintain focus in the heat of battle? We shall soon see.
To perfect your healing abilities you and I will go to the Cove orc fort. You may wear your armor and bring your shield but no weapons. I will bring my armor, shield and weapon but no bandages. We must stick together. I will battle any enemies we may encounter while you must keep us both healed. Using chivalry spells as well as bandages is allowed. If one of us fall you have failed and must retry this task. (Bonus: defeat a Orc Brute). Only I may assist you with this task.

Trophy Hunt

Taking a trophy from a battle or hunt is a long standing custom with many warriors of all different races. It is a demonstration of your prowess in battle, even if some consider it a bit barbaric. Pick a creature of known evil intent and defeat it in single combat. Bring me a trophy of your battle.


Once all of the above tasks have been completed to my satisfaction you must travel to each of the Shrines dedicated to the Virtues in the lands of Britain (or Calormen if you prefer), and meditate at each Shrine. You may not use any form of magic to reach the Shrines. You may only walk, ride or use a boat on your travels. I will accompany you to bear witness.

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