Tales of the Seas

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In search for a legend


My instincts practically yelled in my mind for me to give up on this idea. Only thinking about it gave me shivers but I saw it as the only way. The Mistress will be waiting for my news of the sea serpent location, and no one else expect me would be able to discover it. With her promise in one hand, and my will to find out more about my race in the other, I dived once again, since many months, into deep waters.

As my serpent call kept placing me into difficult situations, taking over my mind, I addressed this issue to the only one that I could hope to help me. There is a bound between us two, and I needed to charge my part on it, if I wished to remain alive.

"Maybe dere issss a way to be able to control it Misssstresss…" Yes, for my surprise every time I changed the only thing that would pull me out of the serpent was her. But it was not enough. The serpent had to be controlled and not just calmed down. Thus is in this part that she would enter. There were tales among my people of a very special Nyx, that when fully got his true form, somehow was able to set aside part of his wild mind, continuing to intelligently speak and even learnt the humans tongue. I believed that this legend, if real, would prove itself rather useful. The bound should be enforced, and learning new languages never hurt anybody did it?

The plan was to capture the ones of my kind and squeeze every bit of rumors they could provide. Maybe the older clans were able to provide me more information… No one knew what type of danger I was going to get myself into. I think that even myself didn’t fully see it, maybe was the magic powder making me feel so unbeatable.

Meh great plans required dangerous actions. Entering into the seas once again in search of tales was not something that I was eager to do, but feeling the cold waters dandling my body once again, and the darkness starting to surround, made me wish to just flee and return to my domains. But it is not possible now… Even if I wished, even if I dared to try to survive without a clan, I could not go back. For the first time it came to my mind that I’m only just a mere prisoner of her. Could it be? Then why would they all risk their lives into this quest?

I kept thinking in that while I descended into deeper waters, in search for a prey of my own kind. Soon the time to see if I truly have a trustworthy ally will come.

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