Tale of the Blud’moon clan

The following is an exert from the book "A Primer on the lesser sentient race’s of Fracture" written by a scribe and historian from the city of Britain

Chapter on detailing the location of the Clan.

In all my travels I have come across many bands of orcs. But in this chapter I will put into history a single clan, The Blud’moon clan. If you wanted to locate them, You would not need to wonder far from Yew. Simply keep walking south out of yew toward the mountains until you reach the Orc fort, they named the forest surrounding the fort "Uruk-Galu" roughly translated to "Orc Forest". How did this band manage to rise to power so close to the city of Yew? One could say with all the turmoil plaguing the townships the clan could not have chosen a better time to challenge the clan who had possessed the fort. What does this foretell for the realm? A question only time can answer.

The scribe rambles on about behavior’s and dietary needs of orcs. Several pages later you will find information actually useful.

Chapter detailing the religious beliefs of the clan.

The clan follows an odd religious belief system that combines the teaching of Lasko, the warrior god, And Gruthafay, the horror. They call this deity "Da Blud’God" or "Da Bubhosh Lusk’r" which roughly translates to "The Great Axer" The clan holds no sermons or any type of religious institution, it would seem they pass their teaching’s on by word of mouth and camp fire tales. It would also come as no surprise that the Blud’God wants blood, and they achieve that through war’s and raids. In times of piece they will seek out tribute instead.

The scribe seems to ramble on about how a race could manage to combine the holy Lasko, and the horror that is Gruthafay into one grotesque deity.

Chapter with a summary of the clan

Orc Clan Name: Blud’Moon Clan
Banner: A dirty yellow banner with a centered laughing red moon.
Leader: Grukag Blud’moon
Deity: Da Blud’God
Holdings: The forest south of yew "Uruk-Galu", Yew Orc Fort
Orc Dialect:

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