[SVN 97][1/14/2014] Server Update

– Added some more town houses to Narrowhaven
– Hail Storm spell now uses focus instead of imbuing
– Map2, Dumgeon2 is now fully decorated
– Adjusted damage on meteor swarm, hail storm, lightning strike, and wild fire
– Removed inscription as a double bonus on the above spells. It is now Margery + EvilInt + SDI + Inscribe bonus(all spells)
– The above spells now do pretty close to the same amount of damage. But they target different resist types.
– Removed \Virtues\Honor spell montras
– Edited Nijisu & Bushdo artwork
– Created dragon bone weapons
– Adjusted a few monsters stats
– Updated the GM [go command with new info
– Created 13 new boss keys for the new dragon bosses
– Chain, meteor, and hail storm now create aggro when cast
– Chain lighting now is a DOT & targets an area
– DryadAllure fame check set to 11000
– Default Dragons can no longer be tamed. Due to new game lore & game balance & the new tamealbes we are making
– Increased instrument sell price on npc
– Added missing instruments to carpenter & tinker
– Special potions sell for a little more then normal potions
– Added a few missing weapons to various npc vendors
– Added a few missing socket gems to the npc jeweler
– Snow element, adjusted the drops & stats a little
– Removed default uo boss extra gold drop (around the boss)
– Chain lighting now strikes the ground
– Spellstone bug fix
– Dropped the prices on all townhouses by -50% (I think I got them all)
– Changed drake (normal melee version) to tamable false for new tameables
– Added DrakeMature, DrakeYoung, DrakeHatchling, DrakeEgg (not complete yet)
– Crops now use herbalism instead of cooking
– Adjusted stats on Kirin, Lesser Hiryu, Nightmare, SwampDragon, & Unicorn
– Adjusted stats on 13 of the big new custom mounts (most are not spawned yet)
– Added a number of crafting rewards to the books
– Added Seed case
– Added Seed bag
– Added 100, 200, & 500 page books to the scribe

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