[SVN 872][11/06/2013] Server Update

– Vendors now respond to vendor buy, vendor sell, name buy/sell speech
– Vendors now move much slower
– Vendors if they detect snooping will refuse to do business with the player for 30 mins
– Vendors if they detect you stealing or attacking you will defend them selves & refuse to do business with the player for 30 mins
– Fixed a few small bugs with Multilinguists system
– Added a reviews page to the website
– Added the ability to take a ItemID and then display its GumpID inside scripts!
– Added doubleclick equip support to Spellbook(base) & BaseSuit
– Added a few names to NameRandomizer.cs
– Added special names for all rare book, scroll, letter, map, & parchment drops
– Made some books flappable that were previously not flappable
– Added a bunch of rare items to the global monster drop. (all the different groups of monster drop rare items)
– Wizard NPC (mysticism) had the wrong itemid for DragonBlood change it to the right itemid
– Changed new character starting location to not be in a fence
– Added Account registration system & remove old site registration
– Other stuff

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