[SVN 854][10/13/2013] Server Update, good stuff!

– Added dungeon info to the wiki
– Imbuing artifact crafting now requires 3 artifact shards
– Crafting quests no longer give quest credits
– Crafting quests no have a 24 hour cool down. (were not supposed to do all quests every 3 hours)
– Added a LOT of items to a area call "Hall of Items".
– Changed code for WheatSheaf so it would work properly on a wheat mill
Added Outfit Customization Deed !! Thanks Vii!
– Update EV body values for special spell change
Currency Exchange: Convert quest points to doubloons and doubloons to quest points. At Narrowhaven Adventures Store
– Made mining, fishing, lumberjacking able to pull up monsters to stop afk gathering
– Fixed the dough crash bug
– Fixed the TalonStrik skill/item server load bug
Added Instrument Tuner!! Thanks Talow!
– Instrument Tuner: crafted by tinkers with Musicianship (On next server restart)
Outfit Customization Deed: Can be bought on Narrowhaven Adventures Store for 10 doubloons
– Added Hall of Items to the moongate (On next server restart)

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