[SVN 76][12/27/2013] Server Update

– Meteor Swarm now falls from the sky instead of from the player
– Fire Field now last a little bit longer
– Meteor swarm has a damage buff to bring it online with wild fire. Margery + Inscription = damage
– Hail storm’s damage has been adjusted to be similar to other aoe damages. Myst + Imbu = damage
– Earthquake has had a damage boost as well. Margery + Inscription = damage
– Chain lightning has had a damage boost as well. Margery + Inscription = damage
– Rune books now use regents when you run out of scrolls (blue button)
– Rune books now hold 250 recall scrolls
– Mirrors of preview can now be used while locked down
– Dungeon Scroll save/load fix
– Added missing belt recipes to the crafting rewards scrolls
– Edit Cliloc.enu, skills.idx, & skills.mul to change the wording from
—-Taste Identification to Herbalism
—-Mysticism to Wizardry
—-Spellweaving to Sorcery
—-Ninjitsu Assassin
—-Bushido to Warrior
– Fixed glyph skill bug
– Changed a few item names in the crafting gump for inscription
– Remove Mantra casting words
– Added wiki page Unique Items
– Adjusted voting stone reward to be inline with new gold drops
– Adjusted treasure map chest (tmap) gold to be in line with new gold drops
– Installed windows updates on server

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