[SVN 755][9/10/2013] Server Update

– Added Sepll Damage to weapon magic drops
– Added some 120 & 121 items to the default tailoring tool to make it easier to level up.
– Added runic smiting & tailoring tools to the reward books
– Added runic fletching tool’s
– Added runic carpenters tool’s
– Added runic tinkers tool’s
– Added PlayerConstructed properties to BaseJewlery
– BaseTalisman, added ICraftable, ISetItem, & PlayerConstructed code
– Added to tailoring craft tool: BearMask, DeerMask, WolfMask_01, HornedTribalMask, TribalMask, SavageMask, OrcishKinMask, GoblinMask_01
– Fixed type in DefInscription2 for greater fast casting and greater fast cast recovery
– WarriorGuardian, dropped detect hidden value
– Fixed Spirit speak not healing properly
– Fixed for group inside a group bug
– Added DisguiseKit to thief npc vendors
– Disguise Kit may now only be used by Class: Thieves, Assassins, Bounty Hunters, & Swashbucklers
– Added books Magic For Laymen Volume 1, 2, & 3
– Adjusted spawnes around narrowhavne
– Removed old BOD system
– Added the leather tailoring quests!
– Added some missing code to some of the bosses, chests and tmap
– Added Book Publishing!
– Added a shard stats scrip
– Added shard stats to the help menu <– not on live yet
– Updated the code for status.html in case we ever want to use it <– not on live yet

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