[SVN 735][8/29/2013] Server Update

– Made Runic Hammers constructible
– Skirts using the proper layer now
– Added missing code for imbuing gump with new craftable soulforges
– Adjusted Alchemy & powder requirements on most of the new alchemy items
– Necro Minions now have a dispel difficulty
– Changed all runic tools to be named and labeled properly
– Added runic tailoring tool
– Changed ML "Turquoise" to "Perfect Turquoise"
– Fixed crash from learning recipe blueprints
– Added code for ‘Crafting Schematics’. A ‘Crafting Schematics’ is a one time use craftable item that will create one decorative item of artifact quality.
– Added CraftingRenamingTool, a tool that renames crafted player constructed items, for the top end runic tools.
– Did lots of decorating
– Other things.

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