[SVN 735][8/16/2013] Crafting Quests, Passive Skill Gain…

This is pretty big update and its got some really awesome changes!!! The tow most notable are the implementation of Passive Skill Gain & the new Quest Crafting System that will replace ‘Boring BODS’!!!

Passive Skill Gain!! I am supper excited about this one. Trance created the script for it a while back and we ran into a bug that we could not seem to figure out for the life of us. We asked Vii to take a look at it and he stopped what was going on! So if you see Trance or Vii in game or on the forums please make sure you thank them both!

Skill with 10 or more skill pts can increase. Skills must be in the ‘UP’ position. Skills can gain passively from 10 to 100. If 6 or more skill are in the up position you will currently get random gain every 3 hours you character is logged in. 3 to 5 skills in the up position will gain one random gain every 4 hours. And lastly if 1 or 2 skills are in the up position you will gain one skill every 5 hours.

The next big addition is the implementation of the Quest Crafting System & the ability to get rewards (including learning recipe scrolls)!! This new way of doing crafting quests will replace the old BOD system which will eventually be completely removed. You will be able to get crafting quests in the quest hall in Narrowhaven. I’ll be adding more crafting quests as time goes on! The supper cool thing about this is crafting will be able to triad in their Crating Coins for crafting specific rewards such as Runic Crafting Tools, Recipes Scrolls, Powerscrolls, and other Uber cool things!

And most importantly, we want to say a big thanks to everyone who helps out on the server! There are a number of really fine folks who help out on the server and we really appreciate everything that everyone does! It takes a lot of effort form many people to do what we have done, thanks everyone!!!!

– Created new XML Craft guild attachment
– Added crafting Coins
– Added the first group of Crafting Quests: Blacksmithing!
Crafting Reward: Learn crafting recipes!!!! Thanks Vii!
– Added Crafting Quest Recipe rewards!!
– Added missing ItemID’s to the imbuing DefGump for soul forges
– Created 2 craftable soul forges
– Added Craftable Soul Forges to Carpentry tool
– Added some crafting coin rewards to the books in the crafting guild
– Fixed the crafting interruption bug where items would remain frozen in backpack
– Changed to powerscrolls so they can load as constructible
– Bug: Criminals were supposed to be able to recall. Commented out a line that was missed to allow them to recall.
– Spirit speak skill 101-120 will be able to heal other players instead of just self
Passive Skill Gain! Yep, that’s right! Big thanks to Trance & Vii. Trance created the original script & Vii found the bug that finished it off.
Default UO Chat now works!
– Decorated and froze the Mage Academy ocean floor
– Added new housing to Narrowhaven
– Added numerous new areas to the Narrowhaven map & froze them
– Updated, clean, and defrag the server

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