[SVN 718][8/03/2013] Server Update

– Adjusted imbuing runes so 0 ‘imbued’ would not happen
– Treasure maps, added missing diabolically word to the CliLoc & updated script
– Treasure maps now drop on all maps
– Treasure maps can now be dug on map0, map1, map2
– Treasure maps now spawn a LOT of different monsters
– SOS can found on all maps
– SOS can not be fished up on all maps
– SOS now tell which map they work on
– A number of small tweaks to treasure map & SOS’s
– Added treasure map drops to dungeon treasure chests, level + 1 (up to lv 7)
– Added a special lootpack for socket gems for chests
– Added socket gem drop to dungeon chests
– Bosses can now drop treasure maps lv5-7
– Bosses will now have their spawned dungeon treasure chest on their corps instead of spawning on the ground, lv1-6
– Arcane circle STR bonus now based upon skill instead of a flat bonus
– Finished adding all the wearable gumps the the preview merrier (will add new ones later)
– Map work
– Other

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