[SVN 714][7/28/2013] Server Update

– Few small changes to public moongate
– Fixed save on shift stone
– Updated mining cart
– Fixed language bugs
– Skill ItemID: From 100-120 skill can now identify ALL items in a container at once
– Auto rez potions can only be used by one person at a time
– Added flipable image to weapons barralows
– Added flipable image to tool & weapons rack’s
– Crafting Over Time! This has been on the live server for some time but some how I completely missed it!?! We love you Trance ;o)
– Added: Gem Bag, Gem Case, Potion Bag, Potion Case, Reagent Bag, Scroll Bag, Scroll Case, Powder Bag, Socket Gem Bag
– Added new black market vendor
– Fixed a small fishing bug that didn’t have the names show up
– Added ‘Nivad’s’ custom hues! (will show up on next files update)
– Added a mirror of preview, preview different clothing, weapons, and armor. Note: More items will be added to the list
– Added 40 paintings to the shipwreck loot table
– Modified Tree Stump reward to give proper logs
– Added ‘Full Spellbook Scroll’ to inscription tool. Requires 100.1 to 105.0 Magery & Inscription to craft.
– Skill Chivalry/Necromancy: While in a necromantic form any cast chivalry spell will inflict 5-15 points of random damage to STR, DEX, & INT.
– Other

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