[SVN 658][5/22/2013] Server Update

– Fixed a small bug with having several different ‘hay’ items
– Added a damage cap on all fire breath
– Two small fixes to stop the crashing.
– Started Adding random traps to dungeons
– Dungeon treasure chest level 5 now drops rare items (100 lockpicking)
– Added a 6th dungeon treasure chest which can drop artifacts (105 lockpicking)
– Torch, Lantern, & Candle, can all now be held even with full hands (layer Unused_xF)
– Paragon chests now drop more chest types
– Treasure Map Chests, added missing trinket loot
– Paragon Chests, added missing trinket loot
– Artisan’s Carpentry, change default resources to logs
– Paragon chests are now called "Strange Chest"
– Mystic Spells now use Focus instead of Imbuing
– Number of small casting requirement changes added to the new spells
– All the new spells are added to the global loot drop
– New healing spells added to NPC healing vendors
– Other

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