[SVN 642][5/07/2013] Race/Class system added + other stuff!

The new Race/Class system has been added. We will keep adding to it over time. When you create a new character you will be greeted with an entirely new way of setting up your character. Additionally, if you currently have an already created character you will still get the race/class gump. If you don’t get it let me know!

– Heal & Greater Heal spells now heal through poison for 50% & 25% of the heal
– Bandage, if poisoned & cure fails, you have a chance to be healed for 25% of the heal
– New Spell: Melf’s Acid Arrow (Acid arrow damage + poison)
– New Spell: Monster Summoning I
– New Spell: Monster Summoning II
– New Spell: Monster Summoning III
– Added 2 new spider monsters from 2 UO animations that were not being used
– New Spell: Spider Spawn
– New Spell: Wyvern Call
– Item description gump change
– Modified ore elementals
– Completed Race Class system!

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