[SVN 63][12/18/2013] Server Update

– DefBlacksmithy4, set plate set names to be that of their actual numbers
– Fix for Auction House
– Turn off harvesting spawning monsters.
– Added missing code for Tmap drop (lv5-7) to ElderBlackDragon, ElderCrimsonDragon, ElderDragon
– Set all bosses to require 2 players to be next to them in order to fight the boss (help prevent 1 man farming)
—–Current Settings
—– RequiredPlayersMin = 2;
—– RequiredPlayersRange = 30;
—– After 10 mins health will be re-set to full if there are not 2 players present.
– Adjusted many of the in game prices on big items & lowered cost to around 50% less.
NOTE: Please note this is a work in progress and will likely be adjusted over a period of time.
—– Towns Houses -50% (not done yet)
—– Boats -50%
—– Tents -50%
—– NPC Rares -50%
—– Basements & other house things -50%
—– House Tool & other -50%
—– Custom House Tool -50%
—– Custom House Tool build -50%
– Added magic spell staffs to: caster NCPs & smiths
– Added magic spell wands to: caster NCPs
– Added staffs to: caster NPCs
– Added wizard & sorcerer spells to: caster NPCs
– Added missing potions to vendors: Alchemist & Herbalist
– Added new belts to: NPC smiths, tailors, and leather workers
– Added missing items to Tailor
– Added beverage rares to the monks
– Added lights & pillow to antiquities dealer
– Checked ALL NPC vendors for missing items & adjusted prices as needed
– Added missing slot 1-4 items & trinkets to the jeweler
– You can now sell magic rings, jewelry, trinkets etc to jeweler for more gold
– Added BlackPearl, SulfurousAsh, SpidersSilk to the herb gathering list
– Added new herbs & missing regs to herbalist, alchemist, and caster NPC’s
– Added all the new herbs to DefAlchemy2 for use with the new potions
– Set most custom of the custom potion to require 1x resource because of the fail rate
– Stealing fix
– DungeonScroll serialization bug fix
– Architect NPC, fixed a wrong ItemID
– Added new Christmas Gifts
– Gave most of the holiday gifts the "Year" in the name
– Harvesting Change: The spawn change on monsters has been lowered. It will also spawn lots of small creatures now instead of just earth elementals.

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