[SVN 608][4/28/2013] Server Update! A big one!

This is a big update!

We wanted to say thanks to DoubleA for helping with this update – its his first time working on the scripts! He recently started helping Trance & I out with the scripts and there are a number of changes in this update that were created by him. Thanks DoubleA!

– Created magic staffs that can cast all 64 spells!
– Increased the charges on wands and staffs
– Fix: Fire beetles can be bonded
– Fix: Beetle taming changed to 29.1
– Perry Change: (Perry/10) is added to physical resist & it ignores the cap allowing it to go up to 82
– Magic Resist change: (Magic Resist / 20) is added to current resist
– Added Recharge Scroll that can recharge various magic items
– New Spell: Cure Light Wounds (cure + heal)
– New Spell: Cure Medium Wounds (cure + greater heal)
– New Spell: Cure Critical Wounds (cure + extra greater heal)
– Added magic wands & magic staffs to the global lootdrop
– Added double click equip to magic wands and magic staffs
– Auto Rez potion change, you must now drink it to take effect.
a. Must drink potion prier to death
b. Potion effect will remain until used (stays on logout)
c. Potion effect will Not remain if the server is restarted
– Fix: Fixed the chests in orc camps & ratman camps
– Added 22 new in game books
a. Take note of: History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 1-5
– Added Max range of +2 for all staves, pole arms, spears, & other types of weapons
– Added item descriptions for all armor types
– Added item descriptions for all shield types
– Adjusted the gold drop rate on 3 lootpacks
– Paragons now drop more loot (gold & items) then their old versions did
– Allow players in animal form to use all skills & Ninjitsu abilities
– Medfield the health regen rates of cat and dog form
– New Interior Decorator (Up,Down,N,E,S,W,Turn,Lock,Secure,Release,Trash)
– Paragon have been converted into lesser bosses
a. They will get a unique name
b. They no longer have the yellow hue
c. They no longer have the title (Paragon)
– Worked on the map adding items & freezing them
– Decorated a whole new part of the map for a big new dungeon
– Added book publishing!
– Other

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