[SVN 585][4/21/2013] Server Update, Medita. change, Tinkeker

– Made it so you can see hidden party members
– Added more item descriptions
– Added more detail to Narrowhaven
– Updated custom DefCrafting gumps to have proper wording for the crafting update
– Update made a number of small changes to some of the DefCrafting gumps
– Added missing gem types to base gem
– Added Artisan’s Tool Kit (for Tinkering)
– Added all slot 1-4 items & trinkets to the crafting menu
– Added recipe scrolls for Artisan’s Tool Tinker
– Added Loot drops for the new recipe scrolls
– Fix: Meditation now meds full in leather type armor & half in studded type armor.
– Added GM quest tools
– Updated wiki
– Adjusted some of the default armor items to work properly with mediation
– Made some small fixes to the guards
Other (the nebulous word that encompasses all the other stuff that we may have changed but could not remember about or simply did not want to add to this list for some strange reasons)

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