[SVN 570][4/02/2013] Server Update! Lots……

– Added missing fish steaks
– Higher quality ores are more common
– Crafting requirements for ores have been dropped
– Created a new quest system to replace the old BoD system (not on live yet)
– Title deed crash fixed
– Spawned 12 bosses with the new boss keys
– Crafting requirements for lumber has been dropped
– Made NPC Vendors stronger
– Adjusted Bloodstone socket gems ‘hits’ to scale better (2/4/6 vs 2/3/4)
– Adjusted Hit Points Glyph ‘hits’ to scale better (2/4/6 vs 2/3/4)
– Area peaceing, set to have 100% chance at 140 skill
– Added new monsters that are on part with dragons to give alternative hunting areas similar to killing dragons
– Increased the drop rate on seeds
– Spawned Treasure Chests in dungeons
– Added lots of customization to Narrowhaven
– Edited Map0, Map1, Map3. Adding a new area & 3 lore specific areas.
– Re-write to dungeon treasure chests to clean them up. Added magic trinket drops.
– Lots of little edits to the food system. Its pretty much completed now! (Farming, harvesting, mobiles, Apiculture, Milk and Cheese, Brewing, Cooking, Juicing, Fish, Wine crafting, XML Food)
– Reduced the amount of arrows on monsters
– Added random seed drop’s to loot.cs
– Added dirt plots for houses for our custom seed/growing system
– Other

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