[SVN 547][3/01/2013] Server Update, crafting update

– Fixed some of the artifacts that had wrong stats
– Added CEO Turbo Slots, not accusable yet
– Added Blackjack & poker, not accessible yet
– Added missing skills to Power Scrolls
– Character Sheet Gump, fixes karma and kills
– Adjusted Rising Colossus to be in line with our server
– Created Outfit Customization System Scroll, not on live yet
– Fix socket hammers & exceptional socket hammers
– Fixed my stats gump
– Re-wrote socket hammer code
– Socket hammers: must have socket attachment
– Socket hammers: Messages now show up properly
– Socket hammers: Hammer consume bug fixed
– Socket hammers: Can not socket over the given level
– Socket hammers & exceptional hammer now work properly
– Spead up Warg’s
– Crafting System Update: The first of several crafting changes

Crafting System Update:
– Crafting an item now takes a certain amount of time based upon skill
– As your skill goes up you will craft lower items faster.
– For each ‘hit of the hammer’ you have a chance to gain skill
– During the time you are crafting the item, you may not do anything. IE there is no leaner over and reaching for a soft drink while crafting you sword.
– During crafting all items in your backpack will not be accessible.
– This change will cut down on the amount of resources required to GM a crafting skill.
– This change will also make things ‘feel’ like your are crafting of significance, not just an ‘instance’ craft

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