[SVN 523][2/4/2013] Lions & Tiger & RARES oh My!

RARES…. You’ll notice we just added about 10 bizzilion new rare items. These items are in addition to the rares we already have. They are separate from all the rares that can drop on monsters & other rare items that were alright on the server.

There will be several way to acquire these new rare items. The first is through the black market. In Narrowhaven you’ll find a hand full of vendors that will sell random rare items for a lot of gold. Yes, they are expensive, yes we did that on purpose! *laughs* These items are really meant for the player who already has a house and has acquired a good sum of gold that now is just sitting in their bank acquiring dust. Now because of the price you likely will not be able to purchase one of ever item. So save up your gold and go buy yourself a rare item or two!

The second way will make the thief’s happy! We will be adding some of them to the game world to be sealable! Some meaning as many as we can handle adding to the game world with out going crazy *laughs again*. Anyway, these stealable rares have not yet been setup. We will post an update when they start to show up.

Lastly, you may or may not have noticed that all the bosses spawners are currently turned off. This is temporary and they will get turned back on here some time. We noticed that the way they are setup now is not how we were intending them to function. Once we get it all worked out they will show backup again.

– Missing artifacts added to paragon drops, treasure chest, basecreature
– Adjusted boss monster stats to make them be less soloable
– Fix for profile crash if xml attachment is not present
– Removed silk clothing armor until it can be adjusted some how
– Increase seed drop rate on certain monsters
– Fixed strange meat typo
– Socket Hammer, now requires 10x red scales to craft instead of 1 valorite ingot
– Added around 600 new rare items (And there are still more to add)
– Added black market vendors
– Fixed a couple peaches of artifac armor not being part of the sets
– Fixed a couple of animation bugs for wrong animation (ice wolf & Solen Matriarch)

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