[SVN 513][1/19/2013] Title System, 140 artifacts, Lots more

The big highlights are the new title system that GM Talow just finished & the 140 new armor artifact sets.

Note: If you have a old artifact please talk to a GM about getting it exchanged for a new versions of it.

– Changed the higher taming amounts form 4 to 3 follower slots to work with 8 at 120
– Removed the TownsPerson conversation to stop the crashing (most of our crashes were coming form this)
– Fixed boats not being able to be placed on map2
– Change to Wipe Command
– Minor armor adjustments
– Runic Crafting balance change, changes in preparation for crafting expansion
– Scales armor change
– Respawned Terathan Keep (to clean it up and fill in blank spots etc)
– Added around 140 new armor artifact sets
– Cleaned up spawns in Narrowhaven
– Sockets in animals changed form Emeralds to Dragons Blood
– Veterinarian NPC rezes bonded pets for gold (control slots x 1000gp)
– New ethereal type mounts should not crash now (probably ;o) )
– Elemental Potions can now be thrown on any surface
– Changed to def inscription2
– Added MassMove command
– New Title system added!

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