[SVN 457][12/20/2012] Server Update

– Modified Barcoon a little bit.
– Added Smoke Bom to Alchemy crafting
– Added Smoke Bom to treasure chest drops
Magic +STR bonus to WGT now gives 5 instead of 3.5
– Bug: Fixed Cliloc error in Inscription
Bandage adjustment’s
Socketing animals fix
Peacemaking ignores party
– Bug: Item description fixed
Bug: Throwing skill check fixed
Level 7 treasure maps added. Treasure map for all 3 maps and will now have random locations NOTE: This did not make it on live yet.
– Bug: Socket gem had type
– Removed the old quest from 4 locations that were duplicates
– Removed 2 slayer gems that had slayer groups that no longer existed
– Finished freezing the map’s
– Updated game files
– Added pics to website & facebook
– All XML Quest Books should now no longer be visible
– Lots of Wiki updates! Thanks DoubleA
– Other

Thanks Trance for all the scrip updates this month!
Thanks Orlando, Crisy, and everyone else for all the help this month with other stuff!

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