[SVN 398][10/22/2012] Server Update

– Decorated wizard, sorcerer, necromancer, & jeweler shop.
– Added all 64 mage spells to the wands!
– Factions Reputation Tab in My Stats is DONE!!
– Profile Tab in My Stats is DONE!!
– Stats Tab in My Stats is DONE!!
– Added new player tutorial
– Added Crops, chows, sheep goats, calf’s, etc to Narrowhaven and new map
– NPC & Guards now attack you if you are a Criminal/Gray or have 5 or more kills.
– Added sail master to map2
– Adjusted quest rewards books
– Added new Interior Decorator tool
– Added house teleporters
– Fixed NPC blacksmiths not repairing wooden shields.
– House Floor Space Increase – added to wiki
– BUG: fixed animation bug in Animal For spell.
– BUG: fixed id scrolls & id wands not id’ing spellbooks
– Added 26 new mount animations
– Set Unidentified items back to showing their color
– Other

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