[SVN 376][9/18/2012] BIG Server Update (Part 1)

NOTE: Its up now.

This is a really BIG update. Big thanks to GM Trance for helping. He played a big role in all this!! Thanks Trance!

This is really part one of a really big update we are working on. It is not all done yet.

Make sure you update your files!!

Added Scripts: 378
Updated Scripts: 650

– Cleaned up the wiki
– Added new artifacts armor sets
– Added new artifact armor peaces
– Adjusted artifact weapons stats a bit
– Can provoke monsters onto players
– Fix: char creation skills bug
– Added Item descriptions
– Adjusted ItemID & Arms lore for new changes
– Added all the new dragon animations
– Added the 13 greater bosses
– Added new quests
– Added goblin slyer group
– Updated Imbuing
– Added Find player Boat command
– Added Find player house command
– Updated serve to .net 4.0
– Adjusted the core scripts for recompile
– Recompiled server core
– Added new bosses & monsters to the world spawns
– Backed up the server
– Ran maintenance on server
– Worked on website

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