[SVN 285][4/26/2012] 2 days, 2 updates.

There where a few bug fixes this run.

We are not using them on live yet, but the set up to let players have titles is now bug free… We still need to create a system to let you manage them, but once that’s been done you’ll find them in the "my stats" menu.

The XML Quest Rewards got a face lift to the codes, this was done to decrease the code needed to be compiled by the server and decrease restart times (not by much but every second helps right?)

We reworked the way the quest rewarded power scrolls work, The one type of scroll will now add 5 to your skill cap, until 120. After you are at 120 then you can no longer gain from this scroll.
These may show up else where in game later on, if this is the case the values may change and the scroll will tell you the value you have. If the value + your current skill cap would go over 120 then you will not be able to use the scroll, sorry. (ie you get a +5 from the quest rewards, get another and then find a +3, then get another +5, you now need a +2 or lower, another +5 won’t work.)

Magical Flux, These have been bugged for a bit, but we also wanted to change how they worked. The fluxes will now alter a weapon’s damage type from whatever it is to 100% of the flux type. Once this is done it should last about 5 minutes and then revert back to what it was before. You will need to be in 2 tiles of the flux, which is kind of hard to tell as the flux floats, to use it, and the weapon should be no more than 5 tiles from you or on you or in your bag. On a side note, if you can get a party together, check out the flux area in Moonglow to enter a dungeon.


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