[SVN 271][4/24/2012] Server Update! A fix and balance.

The Spellweaving spells where not working for our server, so we changed them.

    Arcane Circle – We tried to change this in the past and created a bug. The bug is dead, long live the spell. (just need one person to cast now)
    Gift of Renewal – Removed the timer after the spell duration is over and increased the mana cost to 35, the gump still says that it costs 24 and is fibbing to you sorry this is not something we can change at this time.
    Arcane Empowerment – We added a timer to the end of this spell as it was the best way to preserve balance.

Server Related.
Removed setting to stop the server from automatically restarting after a crash. This was eating resources and wasn’t working anyways.

As Always…

– Other.

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