[SVN 265][4/21/2012] Server Update! New item’s and lots more

– Added all of the trinket images to the mul files (around 500+)
– Finished adding the other new artwork (1,000 ish images)
– Lowered per-day price on player vendors
– Froze three of the maps into the map mul files
– Updated the websites with new files
– Added code to BaseTalismans for Colored names
– Added [go for staff on map2
– Added [go for staff on map0
– Updated [go for staff on map1
– Made change to publicmoongate for staff
– Added Lightning Traps
– Edited 4 other traps
– Adjusted ‘backstab’ skill
– Worked on custom weapon abilities
– Created 267 trinket scripts
– Added trinket’s to the world spawn

Note: If you do not have the newest game files you will NOT be able to see the new trinket items! They will not even show up. So make sure you update your client files.

You need this
If you have already downloaded it you are good to go.

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