[SVN 11][11/17/2013] Server Update

I may have missed a item or two on this list.

Thanks to everyone who helped work on this update! Vii & John & Trance & Theguy

We are using a new SVN so the number has started over at 1.

677) Possible fix for email registration crash
678) Increased difficutly of EvilMage & EvilMageLord
679) Spawned a number of places on the Lond Islands map (map2)
680) Changed skeletal drake to be more like a normal drake
681) Added skeletal drake to animate dead spell
682) Added a Boline tool for herb gathering
683) Added herb gathering system using tast ID skill. Allows player to gather regants and herbs by targeting plants
684) Added 23 new herbs that will change how alchemy works
685) Boline tools are hold by NPC herbalists and alchemists & can be crafted by tinkers.
686) Moved / rearranged / merged / organized all of the monster scripts on the SVN
687) Spellbooks sold by NPC vendors (all types) now will be sold with identified true
688) Doubled the amount of spellbook drops from monster drop to make them drop more often
689) Bug fix for the storage bags
690) Fix for scissors not chopping some items up
691) Cookies that could not be eaten can not be eaten! Eat the Cookies!
692) Added wiki info for herb gathering
693) New color for firebeetles
694) Worked on mapping out spawns
695) Worked on the interactive map
696) Possible fix for crash Dictionary`2.FindEntry(TKey key)
697) All skills now have a hard cap of 135 & Re-Compiled the Core RunUO.exe
698) Added 48 new Orc monsters each in different warring clans
699) Worked on spawning
700) Finished Lone Islands interactive map
701) Fix crash for mounts & basevendor
702) If hidden a player will be revealed when trying to buy or sell

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