Sub Rosa


"It calls to me.."


A scream.

It struggled to break the crushing silence that pressed in all around her. When nothing came, her long-still hands flashed to her mouth, searching in an unnaturally animated frenzy for the binding of her voice. Dirt-caked nails dragged at the roots discovered snaking down her throat, like some god’s forsaken mockery of the worms that should have otherwise inhabited her lifeless form. She choked and gagged as she pulled what felt like endless lengths of barbed rope from within her body but with the last of it, her cry ripped uncaged into the darkness, carrying with it all the anger, loss, and hunger from countless years passed.

A stillness settled on her with the release, lasting for but a moment before the desperation, and the desire, took to her again. She began to claw at the soil. Piled heavy upon her body, its earth was thickly caked and packed tight with the ever-present press of time. But set before her unabated nature, it mattered little.

The surface quickly broke with the flurry of her hands, fingers tangling with the thick brush sprouting above her resting place. The press of thorns pierced her flesh, drawing a bright crimson against her dirted but otherwise strikingly pale skin. Yet the wounds did little to slow her, sealing closed with a sort of languid effort and only driving her hunger, pressing her onward.

With another cry she ripped herself free of the thicket, sending up a shower of crimson rose petals as she fell to the shattered surface of the earth. In the darkness she lay there, for a time drained of what little energy she had possessed. The echo of her cry had faded into the shadows and the only sound that remained was the pitter-patter of petals that fell soft and gentle about her. Their colour mixed with the dark crimson of her hair, but with the touch of her flesh however, they soon turned black and brittle, leaving little piles of ash marring her porceline skin.

A flash of bright green and her eyes were open. A searing red the colour of sanguine rimmed the irises to circle slowly, inwardly, until all the was left was the bloody brilliance of her Hunger. It was forefront and it was all consuming and her nature would see it quickly sated.

and then…

With a fluid motion she rose before the high moon, tattered dress and tangle of crimson hair drifting about her. Long quieted lips parted to reveal the glint of fangs perched there on a whisper…

"-I- call to you…"


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