Stranger in a Strange Land

She had the same dream as long as she could remember. It rarely changed, though the details had become much clearer the more time she spent around Him. She learned new things about herself, and about events long ago though never forgotten.

Her hunt for the vampire who killed her sister consumed her mind, her body, her soul. She had made her way to Equinox, following his trail. Her life had never been the same. She met Him, his family. He took her under his wing, training her, teaching her the ways of the Strigoi, as he called them. Monsters, as she would always know them to be. Savages. Enemies.

She was unsure why He fascinated her so much. Something so familiar to her, something that drew her to him like a moth to a flame. They were alike. So focused, so intent, single minded when they had an idea. But something else had drawn her since the day they met. He was dangerous; she liked danger. She had lived on the edge of danger since the day she left home, since the day she became Adicia.

This night the dream came again, and again she knew what she would see. The face of the one who ruined her life, who led her on this path. Who brought her, ultimately, to Him. Though the dream did not change, her perspective of it did. For once she did not relieve the tragedy of witnessing her sister’s death. Tonight, she observed without emotion. Her dream self reacted as it always had. But her conscious self was sitting, cross legged, knees touching His. Shadows swirled around them as she focused her mind on the scene before her.

She took in every detail of him, every inch, every line, every movement, cataloguing it in the recess of her mind. As the scene faded, she turned then to the one before her. His violet eyes boring into her, with such intensity it took her breath away. He reminded her in so many ways of the Other, the killer. She knew he was a killer, as much as she herself was. But still, something so eerily familiar yet every time she came close to figuring it out, her mind pushed it further away.

Her stomach wretched, the floor started moving beneath them. The shadows still engulfed them both, though he did not seem to notice. He looked at her with a cold, hard stare. The ground swayed around her and her head spun. She felt sick. As quick as the dream had come it was pulled away from her, his voice resounding in her head as it called distantly to her.

"Adicia…Don’t want…to waste…you…"

She tried to call out to him, to ask what he meant but he was gone. Slowly she sat up, surveying her surroundings. They were completely unfamiliar to her. The rocking of the boat was the cause of her nausea, the waves crashing around the sides of the boat, a dock within eyesight.

Boat? When had they…She glanced around in a panic, looking for Him. He lay not far from her, seemingly asleep. Had he brought them here? Where was here?

Slowly she rose, looking around for her belongings. One small bag, containing only one meager outfit and a small pouch of coins. This is unacceptable…she thought to herself. She would go above deck, question the Captain and find out what lands these were. And then wait for him to wake. For he was all she had now.

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