Stranger in a Strange Land

The sun beat down upon him like a cruel taskmaster, lifting brilliant ripples of heated air across the entire horizon. His cowl would serve to abate the biting winds filled with the bounty of the desert sands. He was alone, as he had been for quite some time now. Kept company only by this ever wandering mind and the daydreams that it would conjure before him in moments of extreme weakness.
Damion could go wherever he wished, in this world or the ones between. He however chose this conventional path to tread through the punishment of a desert at high noon, clearing his mind over and over before filling it with endless pondering.
It had been some time since he’d spent any meaningful length of time in Narrowhaven, helping those he could and knew of their need. It was a strange fit of anxiety that drove him away, perhaps from his loneliness or his isolation from some simply due to their incredible beauty. He thought often of Delia, Scarlet, Crisy, Adicia.. of the bar maid that winked at him, down to the seamstress that just always seemed to know what sort of repairs he would require even before he entered the door.
They tormented him in a way, because he knew the nature of affection and how fickle and crushing it can potentially be. Long has he known of feelings unrequited, and the prison that can become.
He trudged forward shaking his head, as though the liquid thoughts could spew from his ears and he would bring a temporary end to them.

He climbed up and over a large sand dune, melting in with the rest of the ripples around him. He just needed time to think, time to find a way to restrain his wistful heart and wandering imagination from obliterating all that he was inside, Leaving only a husk of responsiblity and purpose behind.
He resolved to venture forth to lands unknown and explore what the eye could behold. Perhaps becoming lost for a time wouldn’t be so bad? It may just be what he needed.

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