Strange Whispers

Image Strange Whispers

Peaceful songs were softly whispered and confident ideas were expressed, both alternating, from time to time, in my mind. The melodies sang threats that I had troubles listening to. I found the words to be stressful, inaccurate and haunting. On the other hand, the thoughts invading me were of an unusual violence. Like or unlike myself? I had a lot of visitors in my mind. No. Should I say an unknown visitor and Neherenia, me? It does sound better.

Deep down, I know very well that I simply veil myself with lies in order to almost come to ignore my true nature. How interesting is that? Seeing the world wanting to destroy you, and slowly come to dislike and reject your own self until it almost feels like two different entities. Truth is, I’m not infected by any demonic creature; I am one. I am not good. I am not calm either. I am Neherenia; unstable, unpredictable, cunning and deadly beautiful.

I do notice how, recently, both sides are pulling on my arms at the point where I must be about to shatter. I have been asked to commit horrible acts from a side, for a reason that could be more of a consequence than a true reason… On the other side, I’ve been offered an opportunity that could heal it all, or be the very path of my destruction. I never agreed on any of these two extremes although I have a weakness, for one over the other, it doesn’t mean that I take thoughtless actions. I plan and think before I act. It’s sad that the same cannot be said from everyone, but it can just help me rise above them all.

– Miluda, you didn’t see me coming against your own plans now, didn’t you?


The color of blood was slowly spreading everywhere around, taking all forms and shapes. I would walk in dark caves and there would be those evil faces appearing, whispering their violent shades. Red. So many things would always come to that color, now. It feels like a poison; a curse that I had caught at some point in my life. I had to bring that statue home… how could my hands stay away from such an attractive toxin?

My Dear Family, my best Lovers tried to warn me about that four faced statue, but it’s all so much more stronger than me. It might hold a greater secret, a treasure. Dangerous or not, I cannot simply turn away from such a mysterious object…

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