Strange Events….

Excerpt from Mauzen’s Journal

The events of the day are hard to believe much less describe. To begin I have let Master Vuradin down. I was not able to find what it was that he sent me to seek. He was noticeable upset by this. There is also Trouble with Mistress Sasha. It seems that she is doing better, but there are still problems.

As I returned to Narrowhaven at the summons of Master Vuradin, I was delighted to see that Mistress Sasha was with him. As I greeted them, others whom I had just recently met happened upon the Narrowhaven well. All seemed well, as we were all going about our business, mostly focused on Mistress Sasha.

There was a loud explosion and a great wave of fire. In the center of this was a strange woman in red. Mistress Sasha seemed to recognize her as Neira. An argument erupts between the two of them, Neira threatening to Kill Trance. The battle begins, Neira strikes blows and Trance returns in kind. For a brief moment Trance turns to stone and crushes Neira. Neira breaks free and runs to the east of the bank, abruptly hordes of undead appear.

We made quick work to subdue the horde while Neira and Trance continued to battle it out. As we clear the remaining undead, Trance and Neira come to final blows. Mistress Sasha is noticeably upset by this scene. I attempt to calm Sasha, but sadly the energy of the scene proves too much and I am struck by the very force I am applying to Sasha. Neira is revived, suddenly Engale shows up. It seems the Neira was some sort of Lich and has been turned human. Engale mentions no longer protecting Neira, and to some extent she is no longer welcome.

While I am not personally aware of the history here, it seems that there is something at play. The human mages are having difficulty, Master Vuradin including. I will have to keep an eye on Mistress Sasha and assist Master Vuradin as I can.

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