Story of a Nyx

Nakki’s storyline

Things were never easy for me since the day of my birth. Since that day that I learned this lesson, as I saw my mother devouring her most incautious offspring. The remaining of my brother and sisters formed a clan along with some more newborns in that time, but we were very few, counting only 32 heads.

With time we learned to coexist with each others, placing aside our wildest instincts, solid rules and guidelines were made to make this easy. Even if we didn’t like, we needed to stay together, as there were already too many dangers lurking around us, and thus the luxury of fighting among ourselves or just follow our own path was forbidden.


Along the cycles many of us disappeared, we were now only 14 and in that day me and my partner were given the job to scout our territory. It was there that everything changed. As we arrived to the furthest of the territory we saw another clan surrounding a just freshly small sunken ship and plundering their spoils of strange creatures, humans for sure, as meat. Some of the other Nyxs were taking little shiny objects as well that immediately caught my eyes.

Me and my partner hided quickly in fear because they were much more than us, around 22 for sure. He begged me that we should go back and warn the others to flee but my curiosity stopped me from moving. Maybe we could still forage something out from the ship, some meat or even those shiny objects. We could warn the clan and make an ambush, we knew this waters better than the others, or we could just hide and wait.
The minutes that we spent in there were enough for a scout to take out our scent. In panic me and my partner fled, taking alternate ways and paths to outwit our persecutors, it seemed to had work and so we came back to our clan. The territory we had just conquer was too good to be abandoned, as lived in a labyrinth of caves that offered much protection. Therefore was formed a battle plan in case if we were invaded, sentries and scouts placed all around our area, the days passed and nothing happened. We thought we would be safe…


I still remember the battle cries in that day and how my clan was slaughtered in front of my eyes. Despite our advantage of defense they were more and they carried strange weapons that I never saw, long spears, surely belonging to the sunken ship, that could keep them safe from our fangs and daggers.
What could I do? If I would stay there they would slaughter me as well, my skin ripped apart, my blood would be drank and my meat would fill their stomachs. That was not the end I wanted, so in front of the last remaining of my clan I fled. I do see this action as of survival. Every man for himself some say.

The enemies started to chase me, but I had always been one of the fastest swimmers of my clan, making me hard to catch. There were not much places to go and each option that appeared in my head had to be discarded. The enemy was too close and had my scent, they would never let valuable food escape.

There was only an option, my last option, something that I never imagined myself doing. In despair and with all my strength I started to swim to the surface, there was land not so far from there…


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