Stepping out of the shadows a man appears. Or a figure ofone

A dark figure appears from the shadows created by te flickering candles of the library arcana, speaking in a raspy and violent, yet distinct voice…. "My master would like a meeting with yours….. Appearing out of nowhere before the figure a black parchment, now hovering in front of the figure…. As he spoke his words over again and began to enumerate … His words burned red with the fires of hades lair itself into the scroll… When finalized the figure burst into hot embers revealing only the scroll. It reads : Sorry to intrude do unannounced but I just couldn’t help myself, a new school ala arcana is instilled and the guiding light not made an alliance. I wish an audience at your earliest conviences … Sincerely headmaster garret . The simple fisherman. Protector of the narrows. Teacher of the new denizens.

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