Squijum’s Return????

A boundless ball of energy appears from the shadows of a forgotten tree. The creature seems to be almost a squirrel but in many subtle ways very different. She stands about three and half feet tall and is a bright crimson red. Her pointed ears twitch as she listens for any new untold sounds. Gradually she begins to bound around the new area tossing things here and there and giggling to herself. This new world she has entered does not seem to hold the dark memories of things past. Of horrid things that once were.

Laughter engulfs her as she bounds off into the woods looking for anything that smells like its food. She bounds around listening as people can be heard. She stops to listen is it friendly? Are these new creatures she is about to encounter fun? Will the attack like the darkness did?

With the simple care free nature of the Squijum She immediately bounds into the open. The people do not notice and do not even seem to really know that she is there. She sits on her hind legs for a bit watching waiting fluffing her tail. With this new found sense of fun and adventure she bounds off to the world. Grabbing at peoples pants and running away saying, "Hotcha!" This world will definitely be one to play in.

The days pass and Squijumia becomes bored. Most of the people around have taken no notice of her and she has gotten no advancements of playing games with them. Her belly begins to rumble as she scratches up some more roots to eat. Frustration grows for her as she is looking more for seeds and nuts. Her absolute favorite foods to eat after all and this new plane of existence seems to be lacking seriously in it along with laughter.

As she is digging around a, "Nice Man," comes buy her and greets her. She immediately jumps up and is bounding around. Some attention at last, some one finally noticed that she was not just some rat running around this world. She bounds up to him asking for nuts hoping that he will understand her little simple language. He nods and laughs at her and hands her some food. She takes it very greedily. But looks a bit disappointed in the fact it is not nuts. The "Nice Man," then begins to explain that he does have something for her in exchange for some hard squijum work.

Squijumia fallows him to a big bank where he proceeds to give her a huge statue of an acorn. She is absolutely thrilled at the gift. She bounds all around him saying "Hotcha!" and touching her new found statue. She can’t seem to help but be over the moon for this wonderful item because it proves they have nuts here. Then the, "Nice Man," asks here where her home is and how she makes any money. This brings tears to her poor sapphire eyes as she remembers the darkness encompassing her home and all she can do is sit down on her hind legs. She says, "darkness, bad, Hotcha no no, No home." This does not seem to set well with her new found friend and he provides her with enough money to buy herself and nice little home. In exchange for all these treasures and kindness he asks for help in gathering items.

She promptly stands up ready for her list as he asks her to gather seeds and plants for him. This seems trivial and easy to her. She nods her head and bounds around him some more. Showing her Eminence appreciation for his kind gifts.

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