Bastiaan Reaches for Sasha’s neck and brushes it. Almost instantly her trembling lessens as she leans against him, still sobbing softly. “She is coming, you know.” She says softly, her tears slowly drying up, as she leans against him. “Let her, we will end her.” “How? You did not even see her last time!” With that, Neira stepped out of the shadows “Yes dear, let them try.” She covers her face with her hands, her breath quickening again. “You want them to, don’t you? Come now darling.” Her face turns to white as she looks to Neira again. “W…what do you want?” Neira grins, watching her “Fall into despair, Sink into my abyss. I want you for myself Sasha, but you aren’t ready yet.” I.. I don’t understand! “First I will bleed your sanity.” With that Sasha’s eyes instantly flicker to a dark deep green with a growl* “You don’t own me…” Neira regards her amused, “You don’t even own yourself! That precious object. Yes, come for me, I’m already the voice inside your head.” With that dark laughter fills Sasha. Bastiaan quickly places a hand to Sasha’s head. “Fight it Sasha!” With Neira’s voice in her ear… “Saasshhaa, you belong to me now! Kill him!” She pants attempting to focus on Bastiaan’s hand, and block everything else out. “Cut off his “f”ing head!… No!… Do it, do it now!” Moving slowly with much effort taking Bastiaan’s hand with hers, Sasha places his hand against the charmed collar, giving him an odd look silently pleading. “Kill them Both!” Bastiaan touches the collar, attempting to activate it, staring intently at Sasha. “Do not give in to such a cheap trick.” With that he is thrown backwards, hitting the wall with a thud getting pinned to it. Sasha stumbles and falls to the ground with his support gone, letting out a cry of confusion. Neira continues to whisper in her mind, “You can send it away now Sasha. I’ll gift you a small portion of myself a taste.” A ghastly figure leans in and places a kiss upon the top of her head as suddenly the knowledge to dispell evil fills her brain. With that Neira straitens, leaving Sasha on the floor looking to Bastiaan “Yes, this one is mine and you! You are done!” Bastiaan screams pushing from the wall, “Fight it Sasha!” His hand reaches for hers, as she slowly lifts her own reaching for him. Neira kneels beside her again and places a cold hand stroking her hair. “There there, princess.” She trembles all over, her eyes flashing from the dark green back to the softer green. “Shhh Its alright but I’m going to need that energy back now.” Sasha’s eyes leave Bastiaan with a gasp glancing to Neira responding to her touch. Bastiaan moves from the wall during the distraction and summons his staff in hand and attempts to shove its end onto Neira’s face. Being distracted she is struck. “Oef. You son of a bitch!” He replies, “I suggest you stay away.” With that he starts chanting charging his staff. Neira looks annoyed as she rubs the dead skin back into place. “You don’t get it, do you? She’s mine now. She belongs to me.” With that Sasha slowly attempts to lift a hand, placing it on Neira’s shoulder pleading, “P..please… please don’t hurt him!” Neira watches Bastiaan amused. “I think I might eviscerate him, spread his organs across the globe but I’ll leave him alive… through magic and make Sasha hunt for you bit, by bit.” He smirks, “Ahh, and it will be a pleasure to make you belong to me when I am done with you.” With that he aims the charged staff to Neira’s chest. She laughs in response. “What? One whore not enough? “ She smirks. As you wish. Bye bye for now.” With that she vanished, leaving a bone daemon in her place.

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