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Worst day and the ugly truth about bonus deals

throughout the years, City hall gives away tens of quantities to retiring employees as parting gifts before they collect their sweet deal pensions. The average per person scores a great deal more $10,000.

generally inmates do run typically asylum. City hall truly may well Cowtown Kremlin. it is not funny, Though you can laugh if you believe the only other option is to cry.

And if you haven lost mind, Try to it’s always advisable to don lose it now.

any particular item and hear at a Tuesday city council gabfest will leave you taking the palm of your hand and smacking your forehead in disbelief.

Smacking your forehead consistently.

On this time, Five paper shufflers sit at city council.

So many to say so very little. Speaks databases.

You haven seen this much tap dancing since the old white or black movie musicals.

We find out no other big city throws around that cash. No one but metropolis of Calgary.

Even Alberta Health Services doesn try to pull this stunt and they wrote the book on playing fast and loose with your money.

repeatedly, right now. how to tell if a vietnamese girl likes you Why was this cash giveaway set up?

Kind of a painful question to answer some 40 years later, Says one person apparently in charge of something.

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