Shroud of Far North

The night was dark, darker than before… A man was walking by with a hideous shroud, which was giving his face completely absurd but also attention rosing look… If that person was using that shroud to "hide" himself, it was obviously a bad choice… The shourd was dark as the black of this night, only thing shining was the unusual metal belt on the waist of the man… According to voice that is coming with each movement he make, it could be easily said that belt isn’t only metal thing on his body…

The man have walk inside an inn, which was in a little village far away from the lands we all know, inn was crowded and full of joy, which have ended with his apperance. The glow below the hood was searching around, looking for the person that he have came for, he look around for sake of finding the persion, the precious one… While he was doing that, whispers started to rose, the eyes gazing uppon this figure was completely unhappy with existence of this unwanted damned being…

The man spoke loudly with dark and deep tone "If any of you have a problem, word what bothers you… And make sure to support with your steel.", even before finishing his words faces and eyes have turned somewhere else, away from the shroud.

Then, he have seen who he was looking for… Soft and curly white hair, flowing like a handful sand from her head to her shoulder with the unusual glow of violet majesty, the skin that is as pale as the moon and the eyes… Those disturbing but beautiful violet eyes…

"Callidora…" said the name behind the shroud, he started to walk uppon her like a person he was searching for decades. He raised his right hand while walking towards woman who was surrounded by men that is most probably trying to get under her skirt with thier pathetic jokes and gestures of giving her free cheap alcohol. Before he could even reach her, she have looked into shroud, right where eyes should be located. Her eyes told many stories, but the meaning on that was nothing but a high and demanding request, asking for erasing his presence from the inn.

Shroud shook his head, shook for several times and moved one step forward as proof of his denial. All of a sudden, his steps started to be slower and harder, it was like a sudden and unexpected change, a coincidence… But it wasn’t only thing it was chaning… The eyes of Callidora, they were turning dark red, like the blood of newly killed innocent child, whom blood would be most desired taste than anything else in this world for her…

Shroud stopped, turned around and walked the way that he came. With disappearance of figures existence, the crowd have returned back to their previous joy, behave like it never even came here. But were they right?

A explosion have happened right outside of the inn, destorying ever glass, crumbling them to dust and using them like a deadly weapon with formation of shards…

Bodies have fell, screams have been heard, huge fire rose at otherside of the village. A group of people was yelling some words that would be strange for the common ears. They were screaming, shouting, crying for something. Their voice become stronger and stronger, right before apparance of every individuals on shadow, behind their back, just like a mirror image of their truselves… An image that have struck its hands to its owners chest, in the same time with other images, where they all have taken every single individuals lives.

But only one person.

Shroud appeared once again, with stains of blood at the bottom of cloth he wore, he walk towards Callidora with strong and threatful steps which made an echoing voice among the inn, that is full of dead bodies and pools of blood. "You cannot run away from us."

"No!" Callidora screamed with anger, grabbed her sword, struck to the heart of creature in seconds with unusual speed "I will not, return!" she glared, started to pull the sword down in attempt to wide open his chest, but sword didnt moved.

A black liquid stared to come from body of creature, from where it have been stabbed. Like slimes in the dungeons of this known world, it started to smelt the precious sword of Callidora that have suprised her greately, which gave an oppurtunity to creature to slap her and rest it to the ground.

Callidora just hold her cheek, looking at ground, to the metalic colored liquid which was her sword "Crimson Veil" once. She didnt raised her gaze but stared at the remaining of her long time company, which have departed from her now. "What kind of leader are you?" said the voice of shroud, "Left your people on their own… Just because of your humanly emotions… That have raged against a pathetic traitor, whom betrayed you once again?" he said with amazingly fluent accent and deep tone. "What kind of leader would leave her people in the hands of mortals?" he kicked one body next to his feet "Who desires to hunt them?" he said with same accent and tone. Callidora didn’t spoke, her eyes were partially violet, red and blue, a sign of emotional disorder on her body which probably made her feel like a child trapped inside.

"Your people are dying, Callidora." shroud said once again "Your Mask-ball is now over.", she didn’t said anything. "Alisaadi, Vladimir, Elise, Alucard… And others… They are all dying…" she turned her eyes to him, where his face suppose to be but filled with dark material "I do not believe you." she said with a tone reminding a hissing cat. Shroud reached to his belt which have made Callidora to lean to nearest weapon, but there was need to it, he threw a charm a trinket "Do you remember this?" voice said after throwing it at front of her "Do you remember what does it means?". She leaned to the charm run her fingers around it with almost teary eyes "My c-c-ch-children…" she said with tone that is trying to hide her anger, "Do you know what it means, Callidora?!" said the voice louder this time. "YES!" she screamed, "I know! But it is not my responsibility anymore! I am not their leader!"

Curseful laugh have echoed among the corpses "You -abondened- them.", voice pressured on word ‘abondened’ so much where it almost made other words disappear "You -forsaken- them.", voice did same to word ‘forsaken’ "You let your children ‘die’", the word ‘die’ echoed in whole area, even across the mountains. "They deserved it." she said all of a sudden "They sided with that wicked traitor.", Shroud laughed once again "No, they didn’t.", "Yes they did… When that bastard Edward and his little slut have despised the holyness of our sanctuary." she said with angry tone, but Shroud shook his head once again "They tried to protect you, from yourself.", "From what?!" She said with challenging tone "Whom they are to protect me from myself, whom they are to object my desires?!", voice spoke calmly "They are your servants, your followers, your family… Your children.". "If they were, what you said they were… Tell me, why would they do that?", Shroud laughed once again with deeper and louder tone "Think Callidora… What happened that night?"

Images have started to reanimate in front of her eyes, remembering what happened that day, where Vladimir and Alucard have taken her side while Gabriel just wanted to save Edward and his lover. "Yes…" Shroud said with satisfied tone "Indeed… Just like that, Callidora…" voice continued "They have been serving to you, but only objection was coming from that betrayers head! Whom betrayed to your love once again!"

Callidora stood up with anger and yelled at shroud "YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME AND HIM!"

Shroud just pulled down his hood, where curly white hair have fall down from creatures shoulder once the hood was completely taken down. Callidora couldn’t spoke a word, stood like where she is looking at face of Shroud. Shroud spoke with an identical voice as Callidora "I know everything and more…" her own face was smiling at her "I am what is left inside."

Callidora started to shake her head with denial, she stepped back and tripped down. She had few seconds of blackout.

When she woke up, she found herself covered completely with blood, a perfect circle was made with corpses around where she was laying . There wasn’t any explosion, the windows were in the place where they supposed to be, but they were taller. There wasn’t blood pool either, but each corpse was dry like sand hills in desert.

She stood up slowly, looked at her hands covered with blood. She looked around, saw reflection of herself where even her hair was completely red because of the blood. She fastly walked towards the door and found herself in completely different place.

She was in a church of a town which was located in an island, far away from Lone Islands, in homeland of Gabriel and her. Town was almost turned into ash while there was small portion of fire handling the remaining structers transformation to gray powder. She looked down to the ground where she found half burnt paper, like a page from a long letter. There was only tree words visible to be read ‘mother’, ‘run’, ‘massacrace’

She dropped the paper and looked around, realized it was town where Gabriel was born. She smiled to herself and spoke;

"Whom opposes me… SHALL DIE!"

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