Shard Update 6/11/2015

Turned on some anti-macro codes. This is going to be the biggest thing people notice. This change makes it that many non-crafting skills cannot be trained through "normal" AFK macroing, or at least not as effectively. The most efficient method of training these will probably remain to actively use them through dungeon crawling and the like. This is the same code used in OSI which spawned the 8×8 boat method of training, except we lack the consistent oceans (plus have roving bands of ravaging pirates) that makes this an easy method of training. I’ve loosened up the settings on it a bit, so you can get more gains per target and location than base. We will be listening to feedback on this change and realize this will make things a little more "difficult" in ways.

Increased stat gain rate. I’ve increased the stat gain rate by lowering the timer between when you can gains stats.

Vendor pack limit increased to 500. We plan on soon implementing a number of items that will be expected to be sold in bulk such as individual tiles and wall sections for more control over construction and customization. This 500 limit might NOT apply retroactively, and so new vendors may be required. If we decide this is too much we may lower is down to 250.

Seed drop rates modified. Previous update made them a tad too common since we also tripled the number of mobs that dropped seeds. The rates have been lowered back down a significant amount, but they’re still higher than before.

Chickens lay eggs. Pretty self explanatory. Chickens now periodically lay eggs beneath them. When they do, they’ll give out an emote and make chicken sounds. Let me know if the server fills with unclaimed eggs.

The ItemID skill will now give a bonus to loot drops from monsters if the character hunting them has it. This applies only to mechanical loot and uses the same formula as luck. This stacks with luck. We hope this change will inspire more people to take the skill on their hunters as a combination of convenience and practicality.

Normal plant growth times decreased from from 10 days with normal dirt and 5 days with fertile dirt to take 5 days to grow with normal dirt, 3 days with fertile.

Sugarcane, Wheat, Corn, Field Corn, Cocoa Beans, Coffee Beans, Soy Beans, Oat Sheath, Rice Sheath all set to 2 plants to every 1 bag of milled resource. Flour bags lowered from 20 charges to 5. While these might not be scaled properly, almost all of them are now cheaper so that people can actually use more aspects of cooking. More adjustments to come with more in-game testing.

Pets are still being worked on. I made the project a bit more advanced than I originally planned. We have however spawned all available pets and made many more tamable. In one week the full update including slot/stat/skill/resist balances and new special abilities should come into effect. Thank you for your understanding and patience as I improve my programming skills.

After rigorous in game testing and some big modifications after several large bugs were reported I believe we’re finally ready to expand the craft quest system. In particular Tailoring will have its quests expanded. We would like to come up with some basic quests for Cooking, Imbuing, Alchemy, Inscription, and any other crafting skills I may be overlooking but need your help in coming up with fair and balanced ideas. These skills may never have the range of quests that equipment based crafting skills have due to their nature and limitations but we want players to have options!

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