Shard Update 5/31/2015

The runics have been adjusted once more! They are now consistently better across the board, although the highest level ones became a little more rare once more. Also for the sake of math the absolute lowest level runics have been removed, for example gold runics with metals, and they will start at Agapite. The lowest runics such as the Agapite Runic will add 1-2 properties at 40% – 80% intensity, while the highest runics such as Damascus will add 5-5 properties at 60% – 100% intensity.

Did you know that every monster in the game has a chance to drop a variety of THEMED rare decorative items? Neither did I! The drop rate on these items has been changed from 1/1000 to 1/200 for ALL monsters. Bosses have a significantly higher chance.

Some time in the past the way Loot (Lootpacks) worked was adjusted significantly to allow for a wider variety of different loot combinations on monsters at the programming side. When this happened someone accidentally made it so there was a chance monsters would not spawn with gold. Woops! This has been fixed, plus gold has been moderately buffed, plus mid-level magic items have had their drop rate increased. These changes will effect lower level mobs the most!

Paragons (Otherwise known as Renowned creatures, the fancy named ones.)
With the change mentioned above we incidentally made it so paragon’s loot bonuses weren’t as great as they should be. I’ve fixed that with this update. You should now notice a significant bonus in loot over non-paragons.

More creatures now drop seeds, and the creatures that drop seeds now drop them more often.

This is actually a preliminary update to one that should occur later this week and re-vamp the taming system. A few changes have gone through right now though.

1. Dragons are tamable once more! Welcome back to everyone’s favorite 4-slot.
2. Mature Drakes have been lowered to 3-slots.
3. Bake Kitsunes have had their Rage ability activated and have been increased to 4-slots. They will also gain their own unique pack instinct at the next update.

I do believe I’ve fixed the minor issue where stealth couldn’t be trained at all at high levels. We’ll see.

The sheep have been getting into the Strength potions. Sheep now regrow their wool after 5 minutes or so instead of SIX BLOODY HOURS.

Running a player vendor is now cheaper. Since I’m making y’all rent stalls and houses, running a shop should be cheaper.

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